本校特色 School Features

  • 開拓國際 Developing International

  • 全新校區 New Campus

本校現時擁有兩個校區二坪山及八甲, 其中第二校區於民國103年(2014)全面竣工, 新校區共佔地 56.1707 公頃, 是舊有校區的7倍, 兩校區總面積為全國大學排行13. 新校區為同學提供更全面及優質之校園生活, 而且符合中華民國綠色校園的標準, 真正做到永續校園的宗旨。

The school currently has two campuses, Erpingshan and Bajia. The second campus was completed in the 103rd year of the Republic of China (2014). The new campus covers a total area of ​​56.1707 hectares, septuple that of the old campus. The area is ranked 13th by the national university. The new campus provides students with a more comprehensive and high-quality campus life, and meets the standards of the Republic of China Green Campus, and truly achieves the purpose of sustainable campus.

  • 免費公車接駁 Complimentary Bus


The First Campus of the National United University is 2.6 km away from the second campus. The only free bus shuttle bus between the two campuses provides safe, comfortable and convenient transportation for students.

  • 交通便捷 Traffic Convenient

本校二坪山校區, 緊鄰台 6 省道 (此處與台 13 省道重覆),距離第一高速公路苗栗交流道約 6 分鐘車程,距離第二高速公路後龍交流道約 8 分鐘車程。約10分鐘距離, 即可到達苗栗台鐵站及高鐵站, 台北到苗栗只要46分鐘, 為同學建立1小時生活圈。

The school’s Erpingshan Campus is adjacent to the 6 Provincial Highway (repeated here with the 13 Provincial Highway), about 6 minutes from the Miaoli Interchange on the First Expressway and 8 minutes from the Houlong Interchange on the Second Expressway. About 10 minutes away, you can reach the Miaoli Railway Station and the High Speed ​​Rail Station. It takes only 46 minutes from Taipei to Miaoli to establish a one-hour life circle for students.