Entry requirements


Degree Student (學位生)

Undergraduate programs :

Bachelor Degree (applicant must hold high school diploma or above)  

Graduate programs :

Master Degree (applicant must hold Bachelor Degree)



Depending on your family background, you may be considered an Overseas Chinese (僑生). Overseas Chinese students follow a special application route. Please refer to the Overseas Chinese Admission Committee (海外聯合招生委員會)or contact Section of Life Guidance of NUU for admission details or if you are unsure.


Mainland Chinese students ( PRC passport holders ) must apply through the University Entrance Committee for Mainland Chinese Students, please contact the Committee directly for further inquiries.


Note : If you fulfill both criteria of International Student or Overseas Chinese, you may choose to study in Taiwan by either ONE identity.

International Student

You must fulfill all of the following criterion to be eligible for applying as an international student.

1.         Never studied in Taiwan as an Oversea Chinese student.

2.         Never applied or obtained a high school degree as an international student in ROC and would like to pursue a further degree. (Excluding schools that enroll foreign residents in Taiwan or bilingual programs affiliated with local high schools.)

3.         Never dropped out/withdrew from colleges/universities in Taiwan due to misbehavior issues, poor academic performance or a conviction under the Criminal Code.

4.         Never a citizen of Hong Kong, Macau, or People’s Republic of China and does not concurrently hold a foreign passport.

5.         Never obtained ROC nationality and never had household registration in Taiwan since birth.

6.         Never held ROC nationality, or has renounced it for more than 8 years, up until the start of the semester he/she is seeking admission. 


Please see “International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan” for detailed MOE regulations.

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